Measuring machine MITUTOYO CRYSTA-APEX 574

Mitutoyo Crysta-apex 574

The requirements for measuring machines are increasing. Products are constantly improving and it results into longer lifespans while energy consumption decreases. These goals lead to smaller deviations and, moreover, production performance is increasing. All these facts need to be taken into account for your measuring instruments.

Very powerful CNC coordinate measuring machine that meets world standards.


With the Crysta-Apex S series, Mitutoyo offers very accurate SMS capable of measuring at high speeds and accelerations. It is also an investment for the future, because sensor systems and software can be easily changed or added. This can be summed up into three words:




Crysta-Apex S is based on a proven design optimized to reduce the dynamic properties of the system. Special algorithms help to increase accuracy by eliminating SMS mechanical deviations.

Integrated temperature compensation allows measurement at temperatures between 16 - 26 ° C. The measurement results will be automatically adjusted to the reference temperature of 20 ° C. A temperature gradient of 1K per meter per hour is possible.

Optional active vibration damping allows you to place SMS near production. This delivers fast measurement results and reduces dynamic manufacturing effects.


Crysta-Apex S is equipped with a new UC-400 controller. The UC-400 enables high-speed measurement and movement with impressive accuracy. This improves performance and helps you save costs.


With Crysta-Apex S, Mitutoyo offers a fully flexible 3D measuring machine. It can have almost all types of sensor probes:

+ touch probes

+ scanning probes

+ laser probes as new Mtutoyo SurfaceMeasure

+ optical probe QVP