Our products

As a part of our activities in the field of mechanical engineering, we would like to provide you with our capacities for production of precise mechanical components.

Technological equipment

Long-term experience of our employees, proven by delivering to demanding customers is a recommendation and quality guarantee for you.

Measuring Centre

In 2017, we set up a measuring centre.


Throughout Locker´s 20-year history, we have sought to customize our technology to include a wide range of chip and electro-erosive machining technologies. Our priority is the final machining of engineering parts, including heat treating and grinding of workpieces on a centerless grinding machine (centerless grinding), center grinding machine (round grinding), as well as flat grinding. Milling was our main program before, however, we decided to purchase a CNC lathe machine and a classic lathe machine recently, in order to extend our manufacturing by turning and CNC turning.

Historically, our machining is focused on the production of shearing tools, plastic machining, machining of weldments and castings, manufacturing of jigs and machine parts, or more precisely, parts of production lines by CNC machining as well as machining of large and heavy workpieces on the horizontal CNC. These are mainly steel constructions (steel bars), weldments, castings, forgings, large-sized worktops (of work machines), parts of construction machines, cranes, gearboxes, frames, bases and structures of various machines.



Innovation of products and production process of LOCKER s.r.o

The project objectives will be achieved through the implementation of the main procurement activity. Implementation of the project will enable to innovate the current production process in the area of production of more complex and also larger parts intended for single-purpose machine parts.


Our partners include major global manufacturers and suppliers of various tools and products..